Contract Address of FIBONACCI Token: 0xC8a43A39C775ed97ee101EE84EfA15670C31c808


(update 2023-11-16)

The value of the FIBONACCI token

The FIBONACCI token will not be on the crypto exchange (I am not a supporter of democracy, even in crypto, although maybe this will change one day 😉).

The value was determined based on certain own assumptions (compared to other projects) and in relation to the value of natural products of Optimal Nutrition.

Economic indicator number 1 is the need to pay for certain services or products using the FIBONACCI token (demand). E.g. 50% of the price specified in other fiat currencies or crypto will have to be paid using the FIBONACCI token (demand).

Economic indicator number 2 is a relatively small amount of 1,346,269 FIBONACCI tokens (supply).

Economic indicator number 3 is the obligation of Partners and Customers to use blockchain technology: ZENIQ SmartChain (ZSC), Nomo App, etc., which builds the usefulness of these solutions and, consequently, the value of cryptocurrencies in use.

Economic indicator number 4 is collectible value (demand). The FIBONACCI token (ZEN20) is one of the first to be created (2023-09-24 22:01:08 UTC) when the possibility was made available (Telegram ZENIQ 2023-09-23 01:00:52 UTC) to generate your own token using the plugin Token Generator for the Nomo App. You receive a certificate of purchase of the FIBONACCI token (demand).

The added value are bonuses for specific achievements in marketing and sales in projects in which I participate and/or have an appropriate contract with them. This means that my Partners receive additional benefits for specific ACTIONS and RESULTS.

See the table of the planned value of the FIBONACCI token:

Fixed price of 1 FIB in AY (AfyaYai) for a given period

Price of homemade egg (local Kigamboni, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) on the day 2023-10-18 → 500 TZS
Period Beginning End AY TZS
12023-09-24 22:01:08 (niedziela)2023-10-15 22:01:08 (niedziela)21.00000010,500
22023-10-15 22:01:08 (niedziela)2023-11-05 22:01:08 (niedziela)22.79081611,400
32023-11-05 22:01:08 (niedziela)2023-11-26 22:01:08 (niedziela)24.44898012,200
42023-11-26 22:01:08 (niedziela)2023-12-17 22:01:08 (niedziela)25.97449013,000
52023-12-17 22:01:08 (niedziela)2024-01-07 22:01:08 (niedziela)27.36734713,700
62024-01-07 22:01:08 (niedziela)2024-01-28 22:01:08 (niedziela)28.62755114,300
72024-01-28 22:01:08 (niedziela)2024-02-18 22:01:08 (niedziela)29.75510214,900
82024-02-18 22:01:08 (niedziela)2024-03-10 22:01:08 (niedziela)30.75000015,400
92024-03-10 22:01:08 (niedziela)2024-03-31 22:01:08 (niedziela)31.61224515,800
102024-03-31 22:01:08 (niedziela)2024-04-21 22:01:08 (niedziela)32.34183716,150
112024-04-21 22:01:08 (niedziela)2024-05-12 22:01:08 (niedziela)32.93877616,450
122024-05-12 22:01:08 (niedziela)2024-06-02 22:01:08 (niedziela)33.40306116,700
132024-06-02 22:01:08 (niedziela)2024-06-23 22:01:08 (niedziela)33.73469416,850
142024-06-23 22:01:08 (niedziela)2024-07-14 22:01:08 (niedziela)33.93367316,950
152024-07-14 22:01:08 (niedziela)2024-08-04 22:01:08 (niedziela)34.00000017,000
Creation time: 2024-05-18 07:34:49 UTC
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