Contract Address of FIBONACCI Token (ZEN20): 0xC8a43A39C775ed97ee101EE84EfA15670C31c808


(update 2024-06-18)

Current FIBONACCI Token (ZEN20) utility. Bonuses for:

  1. FIBONACCI Services
  2.  5Billion Sales 
  3. XERA
  4. NetLeaders (in preparation)
  5. Discounts on purchases

Certified access to FIBONACCI Services

Access to the offered products and services in the so-called FIBONACCI Services requires sending an appropriate amount of certified FIBONACCI (cFIB).

Bonus for Starter Package purchased at  5Billion Sales 

For those who purchased from our GTAgency.

Bonuses for Standard Adverts purchased at  5Billion Sales 

Direct referrals.

Bonuses for successful upgrade to Guaranteed Sales at  5Billion Sales 

Direct referrals.

Bonus for new GTAgency purchased at  5Billion Sales 

For those who purchased from our GTAgency.

Bonuses for obtaining Profile Status in  5Billion Sales 

Direct referrals and direct referrals of leaders from Legend Profile Status.

Bonuses for specific products purchased at XERA

QuantWise, Licenses, Phones, Minters, KMINTINGS (full Minting Hubs and full Minting Nodes)

Up to level 8 deep.

Bonuses for achievement the level of Career Ranks in XERA

Distributed to my XERA team for leveling up in the Career Ranks.

Up to level 8 deep.


(in preparation)

Discounts on purchases

Discounts on purchases with partial or full payment for products and services with the FIBONACCI token.

For products under the CryptoChemist.NET and KryptoChemik.PL brands and others subject to these rules.

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