Contract Address of FIBONACCI Token (ZEN20): 0xC8a43A39C775ed97ee101EE84EfA15670C31c808

Terms and conditions

(update 2024-06-14)


Terms and conditions for FIBONACCI Token (ZEN20)
     Security (wallets)
     Purchase and prices


tokenization – the process of converting something that has intrinsic value into a monetary system that can be used in a blockchain application.
FIBONACCI – full name FIBONACCI Token (ZEN20) – token on ZENIQ SmartChain (ZSC). Bonus and access (certified) nature and value conversion based on AfyaYai. See details FIBONACCI.
Fibonacci sequence for FIBONACCI Token (ZEN20): 1   1   2   3   5   8   13   21   34   55   89   144   233   377   610   987   1597   2584   4181   6765   10946   17711   28657   46368   75025   121393   196418   317811   514229   832040   1346269. See description and properties of Fibonacci sequence.
Period 21 days – the price of FIBONACCI Token (ZEN20) is set every 21 days. Prices in the first periods can be seen in the table FIBONACCI base prices.
The current period no. 13 is ending
FIBONACCI day – smart contract creation time of FIBONACCI Token (ZEN20) on ZENIQ SmartChain (ZSC) is the conventional start time of the FIBONACCI day ( 22:01:08 UTC ).
pool of certified FIBONACCI (cFIB) – the sum of all FIBONACCI tokens purchased at the source (order page), i.e. certified (cFIB), and received as bonuses (utility) i.e. also certified (cFIB).
FIBONACCI Services – services where access to the offered products and services requires sending an appropriate amount of certified FIBONACCI (cFIB).
to be continued

Terms and conditions for FIBONACCI Token (ZEN20)


  1. FIBONACCI Token (ZEN20), in short FIBONACCI, was created for a community of people who accept its use to exchange value between themselves (knowledge, products, value converter, etc.).
  2. FIBONACCI is not listed on cryptocurrency exchanges and is not planned (which does not rule out a different approach in the future).
  3. The initial value (and initial variability over time) is determined by the creator of the FIBONACCI CryptoChemist.NET ( KryptoChemik.PL). See the table FIBONACCI base prices.
  4. Community members can determine among themselves the value converter of exchanged goods and services expressed in FIBONACCI. This is where the market mechanism works: the law of supply and demand.
  5. Quantities of goods and services are often expressed in numbers from the Fibonacci sequence for FIBONACCI Token (ZEN20): 1   1  2   3   5   8   13   21  …  1346269. E.g. FIBONACCI Tokens Packages or Bonuses in Affiliate Programs.
  6. FIBONACCI is divided into thousandths (to the third decimal place). The smallest unit is milli FIBONACCI (mFIB).

Security (wallets)

  1. A wallet in the Nomo App ( is recommended to store access (private key) to FIBONACCI and other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies supported by the Nomo App,
    Write down Recovery Phrase to your account in the Nomo App in safe place. You can use it to import and recover your wallet on a new device. If you lose it, you will never get your access back to your account and thus to your crypto and fiat wallets!

Purchase and prices

  1. There are no refunds for purchased FIBONACCI. A purchase is an unmodifiable entry (smart contract) on the ZENIQ blockchain. There is possible to register another transaction (smart contact) that specifies the FIBONACCI transfer.
  2. Currently, FIBONACCI prices are expressed in fiat currencies: TZS, PLN, EUR, USD.
  3. The starting price of fiat is the price in Tanzanian shillings (TZS) determined on the basis of internal assumptions of the Creator of FIBONACCI. Based on prices in TZS, prices in other fiat currencies are determined based on average rates of the National Bank of Poland (National Bank of Poland NBP rates are most often unchanged during a given day.
  4. In the future, it is possible to switch to dynamic determination of prices (currency rates) based on websites providing exchange rate data in XML or JSON formats.
  5. On the English-language website, the price in euro (EUR) is highlighted.
  6. On the Polish-language website, the price in Polish zlotys (PLN) is highlighted.
  7. Currently, FIBONACCI prices are expressed in cryptocurrencies: Tether (USDT).
  8. The price in USD is taken to determine the price in the cryptocurrency Tether (USDT). It is assumed that 1 USDT = 1 USD.
33.734694 AY  
16,850 TZS
 Remaining until the end of the current period 13
6.019663 EUR
26.083800 PLN    6.436154 USD
6.436154 USDT (Tether)
Creation time: 2024-06-22 03:08:31 UTC


  1. Access to the offered products and services in the so-called FIBONACCI Services requires sending an appropriate amount of certified FIBONACCI (cFIB). We can say that 1 FIB is 1 access point.
  2. Each purchase of FIBONACCI Token (ZEN20) at the source (order page) is documented with an appropriate personalized certificate.
  3. Bonus FIBONACCI also give access to FIBONACCI Services (they have personalized certificate).
  4. Only original, personalized certificates give access to the so-called FIBONACCI Services. In this case, purchasing FIBONACCI on the secondary market is not enough.
  5. All FIBONACCI purchased at the source (order page) and received as bonuses add up to create a pool of certified FIBONACCI (cFIB).
  6. The pool (quantity) of your certified FIBONACCI (cFIB) is reduced after they have been used to access the FIBONACCI Services.

to be continued

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