Contract Address of FIBONACCI Token: 0xC8a43A39C775ed97ee101EE84EfA15670C31c808

Generating your own token

The Token Generator plugin in the free Nomo App was used to generate the FIBONACCI Token (ZEN20).

Token Generator

The Token Generator WebOn plugin allows you to craft custom tokens on ZENIQ SmartChain (ZSC) in a matter of seconds. It’s as easy as inputting your token details, hitting the generate button, and seamlessly adding your newly created tokens to your Nomo wallet. Just ensure you have some ZENIQ Tokens available to cover minimal fees. You can obtain ZENIQ Tokens from Faucet plugin, making the token generation process a breeze.


As a gesture of appreciation, users of the free Nomo App receive 0.1 ZENIQ Token for free – a gift from Nomo. These tokens can be claimed once per wallet and are particularly useful for covering gas fees associated with transactions on ZENIQ SmartChain (ZSC). Whether you’re transferring ZENIQ SmartChain Tokens or engaging in the SmartChain, these tokens come in handy for a smooth and cost-effective experience.

Generating your own token

First, you need to run the Faucet plugin and claim 0.1 ZENIQ Token for free, part of which will be needed to pay (gas) for the transaction of creating your new token on ZENIQ SmartChain (ZSC):

Home >> plugin Faucet >> Claim ZENIQ

Token generation.

Home >> plugin Token Generator >> Generate Token

Add custom token.

Home >> plugin Nomo Wallet (installed by default) >> Manage Assets >> Add Custom Token


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